Another Way Bush Can Win The Election
From Ted Twietmeyer
18 September 2004

Junior knows he's in trouble. Hardly a person you talk to isn't aware of what he's done, what he really is and what he'll be doing with the draft and more war, right after the election. A president in his last term is a dangerous creature - far worse than the first year. Although often politically labeled a "lame duck" because of the two term limit - these men are far from lame. Clinton wrote dozens of pardons in his last day in office, and many were freed. None were revoked by Congress, but ignored instead. This one loves war, and has told us point blank in one speech, "war is peace." That says it all.

The most common drastic methods people think he'll use to stay in office are:

1. Create another attack and declare martial law (a high risk proposition - a few months ago the US Supreme Court told him he couldn't do declare martial law as fast as he wanted to. We may find out otherwise, because how will they stop him ?)

2. Discredit his opponent with pointless arguments and mud slinging (dirty politics 101.)

3. Meddle with digital voting machine software (but Diebold has now been exposed and booted in CA. We shall see on this one.)


There is one other way - wipe out the personal lives of the majority of the democratic voters. Have them so busy looking for shelter and desperately striving to put their lives back together again, there isn't any time left for them to worry about voting. So how can this be done ?

Quite simply - tamper with the world's weather. Weather control is a technology that dates back at least 40 years, and is believed to have been first accomplished in the USSR and later the technology was sold to the US (and who knows whomever else bought it.) The end of August and beginning of Sept. is historically when the hurricane season has reached it's peak.[1] No so this year. Coincidence ? Perhaps...or perhaps not. If one looks at the advantages of using weather control to wipe out a major part of the democratic vote, they are numerous and include at least the four following facts:

1. The "perfect crime," because no one would believe (except some of us that know better) that bush could control the weather. Most people laugh and scoff at the idea. The UN flatly stated weather control existed, as far back as 1998 [2].

2. An easy to insure winning the election by a larger margin (reduce democratic voting by destroying homes and polling places)

3. A means to test the technology and refine it, or "characterize it" as engineers and scientists call it for the military. Experimenting on the public taken place for most of the 1900's and on into 2004.

4. Help to bring the US economy one step closer to its knees, and drive up the cost of food for everyone. These storms have caused damage in the billions to vegetable and orange crops - and in an economy with no real jobs being created.

How hard is weather control ? Most think of HAARP doing this, perhaps not. A scalar energy beam directed from space (via satellite) can do this. It causes a vortex rotation of the atmosphere. Scalar energy is simply a wave where the E and B fields are in phase, unlike normal radio waves which are out of phase.

Most hurricanes are formed off the west coast of Africa and move west toward the US. This is the ideal location to direct the beam. The energy beam acts like both a seed and a paddle to get rotation started. The beam can then be slowly rotated in phase with the vortex to boost the energy level. We saw an F5 hurricane this year. Perhaps they will attempt for an F6 ? An F5 storm at 200 MPH is the same velocity as the jet stream, which fortunately moves around the planet and stays several miles up in the atmosphere. If you closely watch the satellite weather images of the ocean from South America to West Africa, you'll see the new storms have been perfectly spaced apart. Three more storms (with names assigned) have already formed as of this writing.[3] Coincidence ? Perhaps not.

The good news is that 'perhaps' the dictator (he's actually stated he likes the idea of being one) won't do a multi-city fake-terror attack to cancel the elections. Perhaps... The bad news is for the millions who have lost their homes, jobs and those who have died. But to the NWO, such losses are more than acceptable. They are necessary and those innocent people are considered expendable. If it is true, and weather control under the dictator's direction was used, he is finished. And then there's the American Indian curse of those initially elected in a year that ends in zero. Reagan barely escaped it.

A voice from above has announced that "it isn't over until the fat lady sings." Problem is she is silent - and has laryngitis.

Ted Twietmeyer is the founder of http://www.data4science.net/ where you can participate in science data experiments from your own home on several different projects. The website examines issues largely ignored by mainstream media and science.

[1] Weather channel noted the unusual number of hurricanes continuing to be formed - Sept 18th 2004
[2] UN states weather control is real -
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