President Chavez's Speech to the United Nations
by: President Hugo Chavez
09/16/05 "ICH" -- --

Your Excellencies, friends, good afternoon:

The original purpose of this meeting has been completely distorted. The imposed center of debate has been a so-called reform process that overshadows the most urgent issues, what the peoples of the world claim with urgency: the adoption of measures that deal with the real problems that block and sabotage the efforts made by our countries for real development and life.

Five years after the Millennium Summit, the harsh reality is that the great majority of estimated goals- which were very modest indeed- will not be met.

We pretended reducing by half the 842 million hungry people by the year 2015. At the current rate that goal will be achieved by the year 2215. Who in this audience will be there to celebrate it? That is only if the human race is able to survive the destruction that threats our natural environment.

We had claimed the aspiration of achieving universal primary education by the year 2015. At the current rate that goal will be reached after the year 2100. Let us prepare, then, to celebrate it.

Friends of the world, this takes us to a sad conclusion: The United Nations has exhausted its model, and it is not all about reform. The XXI century claims deep changes that will only be possible if a new organization is founded. This UN does not work. We have to say it. It is the truth. These transformations – the ones Venezuela is referring to- have, according to us, two phases: The immediate phase and the aspiration phase, a utopia. The first is framed by the agreements that were signed in the old system. We do not run away from them. We even bring concrete proposals in that model for the short term. But the dream of an ever-lasting world peace, the dream of a world not ashamed by hunger, disease, illiteracy, extreme necessity, needs-apart from roots- to spread its wings to fly. We need to spread our wings and fly. We are aware of a frightening neoliberal globalization, but there is also the reality of an interconnected world that we have to face not as a problem but as a challenge. We could, on the basis of national realities, exchange knowledge, integrate markets, interconnect, but at the same time we must understand that there are problems that do not have a national solution: radioactive clouds, world oil prices, diseases, warming of the planet or the hole in the ozone layer. These are not domestic problems. As we stride toward a new United Nations model that includes all of us when they talk about the people, we are bringing four indispensable and urgent reform proposals to this Assembly: the first; the expansion of the Security Council in its permanent categories as well as the non permanent categories, thus allowing new developed and developing countries as new permanent and non permanent categories. The second; we need to assure the necessary improvement of the work methodology in order to increase transparency, not to diminish it. The third; we need to immediately suppress- we have said this repeatedly in Venezuela for the past six years- the veto in the decisions taken by the Security Council, that elitist trace is incompatible with democracy, incompatible with the principles of equality and democracy.
And the fourth; we need to strengthen the role of the Secretary General; his/her political functions regarding preventive diplomacy, that role must be consolidated. The seriousness of all problems calls for deep transformations. Mere reforms are not enough to recover that “we” all the peoples of the world are waiting for. More than just reforms we in Venezuela call for the foundation of a new United Nations, or as the teacher of Simón Bolívar, Simón Rodríguez said: “Either we invent or we err.”

At the Porto Alegre World Social Forum last January different personalities asked for the United Nations to move outside the United States if the repeated violations to international rule of law continue. Today we know that there were never any weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. The people of the United States have always been very rigorous in demanding the truth to their leaders; the people of the world demand the same thing. There were never any weapons of mass destruction; however, Iraq was bombed, occupied and it is still occupied. All this happened over the United Nations. That is why we propose this Assembly that the United Nations should leave a country that does not respect the resolutions taken by this same Assembly. Some proposals have pointed out to Jerusalem as an international city as an alternative. The proposal is generous enough to propose an answer to the current conflict affecting Palestine. Nonetheless, it may have some characteristics that could make it very difficult to become a reality. That is why we are bringing a proposal made by Simón Bolívar, the great Liberator of the South, in 1815. Bolívar proposed then the creation of an international city that would host the idea of unity.

We believe it is time to think about the creation of an international city with its own sovereignty, with its own strength and morality to represent all nations of the world. Such international city has to balance five centuries of unbalance. The headquarters of the United Nations must be in the South.

Ladies and gentlemen, we are facing an unprecedented energy crisis in which an unstoppable increase of energy is perilously reaching record highs, as well as the incapacity of increase oil supply and the perspective of a decline in the proven reserves of fuel worldwide. Oil is starting to become exhausted.

For the year 2020 the daily demand for oil will be 120 million barrels. Such demand, even without counting future increments- would consume in 20 years what humanity has used up to now. This means that more carbon dioxide will inevitably be increased, thus warming our planet even more.

Hurricane Katrina has been a painful example of the cost of ignoring such realities. The warming of the oceans is the fundamental factor behind the demolishing increase in the strength of the hurricanes we have witnessed in the last years. Let this occasion be an outlet to send our deepest condolences to the people of the United States. Their people are brothers and sisters of all of us in the Americas and the rest of the world.

It is unpractical and unethical to sacrifice the human race by appealing in an insane manner the validity of a socioeconomic model that has a galloping destructive capacity. It would be suicidal to spread it and impose it as an infallible remedy for the evils which are caused precisely by them.

Not too long ago the President of the United States went to an Organization of American States’ meeting to propose Latin America and the Caribbean to increase market-oriented policies, open market policies-that is neoliberalism- when it is precisely the fundamental cause of the great evils and the great tragedies currently suffered by our people. : The neoliberal capitalism, the Washington Consensus. All this has generated is a high degree of misery, inequality and infinite tragedy for all the peoples on his continent.

What we need now more than ever Mr. President is a new international order. Let us recall the United Nations General assembly in its sixth extraordinary session period in 1974, 31 years ago, where a new International Economic Order action plan was adopted, as well as the States Economic Rights and Duties Charter by an overwhelming majority, 120 votes for the motion, 6 against and 10 abstentions. This was the period when voting was possible at the United Nations. Now it is impossible to vote. Now they approve documents such as this one which I denounce on behalf of Venezuela as null, void and illegitimate. This document was approved violating the current laws of the United Nations. This document is invalid! This document should be discussed; the Venezuelan government will make it public. We cannot accept an open and shameless dictatorship in the United Nations. These matters should be discussed and that is why I petition my colleagues, heads of states and heads of governments, to discuss it.

I just came from a meeting with President Néstor Kirchner and well, I was pulling this document out; this document was handed out five minutes before- and only in English- to our delegation. This document was approved by a dictatorial hammer which I am here denouncing as illegal, null, void and illegitimate.

Hear this, Mr. President: if we accept this, we are indeed lost. Let us turn off the lights, close all doors and windows! That would be unbelievable: us accepting a dictatorship here in this hall.

Now more than ever- we were saying- we need to retake ideas that were left on the road such as the proposal approved at this Assembly in 1974 regarding a New Economic International Order. Article 2 of that text confirms the right of states to nationalizing the property and natural resources that belonged to foreign investors. It also proposed to create cartels of raw material producers. In the Resolution 3021, May, 1974, the Assembly expressed its will to work with utmost urgency in the creation of a New Economic International Order based on- listen carefully, please- “the equity, sovereign equality, interdependence, common interest and cooperation among all states regardless of their economic and social systems, correcting the inequalities and repairing the injustices among developed and developing countries, thus assuring present and future generations, peace, justice and a social and economic development that grows at a sustainable rate.”

The main goal of the New Economic International Order was to modify the old economic order conceived at Breton Woods.

We the people now claim- this is the case of Venezuela- a new international economic order. But it is also urgent a new international political order. Let us not permit that a few countries try to reinterpret the principles of International Law in order to impose new doctrines such as “pre-emptive warfare.” Oh do they threaten us with that pre-emptive war! And what about the “Responsibility to Protect” doctrine? We need to ask ourselves. Who is going to protect us? How are they going to protect us?

I believe one of the countries that require protection is precisely the United States. That was shown painfully with the tragedy caused by Hurricane Katrina; they do not have a government that protects them from the announced nature disasters, if we are going to talk about protecting each other; these are very dangerous concepts that shape imperialism, interventionism as they try to legalize the violation of the national sovereignty. The full respect towards the principles of International Law and the United Nations Charter must be, Mr. President, the keystone for international relations in today’s world and the base for the new order we are currently proposing.

It is urgent to fight, in an efficient manner, international terrorism. Nonetheless, we must not use it as an excuse to launch unjustified military aggressions which violate international law. Such has been the doctrine following September 11. Only a true and close cooperation and the end of the double discourse that some countries of the North apply regarding terrorism, could end this terrible calamity.

In just seven years of Bolivarian Revolution, the people of Venezuela can claim important social and economic advances.

One million four hundred and six thousand Venezuelans learned to read and write. We are 25 million total. And the country will-in a few days- be declared illiteracy-free territory. And three million Venezuelans, who had always been excluded because of poverty, are now part of primary, secondary and higher studies.

Seventeen million Venezuelans-almost 70% of the population- are receiving, and for the first time, universal healthcare, including the medicine, and in a few years, all Venezuelans will have free access to an excellent healthcare service. More thatn a million seven hundred tons of food are channeled to over 12 million people at subsidized prices, almost half the population. One million gets them completely free, as they are in a transition period. More than 700 thousand new jobs have been created, thus reducing unemployment by 9 points. All of this amid internal and external aggressions, including a coup d’etat and an oil industry shutdown organized by Washington. Regardless of the conspiracies, the lies spread by powerful media outlets, and the permanent threat of the empire and its allies, they even call for the assassination of a president. The only country where a person is able to call for the assassination of a head of state is the United States. Such was the case of a Reverend called Pat Robertson, very close to the White House: He called for my assassination and he is a free person. That is international terrorism!

We will fight for Venezuela, for Latin American integration and the world. We reaffirm our infinite faith in humankind. We are thirsty for peace and justice in order to survive as species. Simón Bolívar, founding father of our country and guide of our revolution swore to never allow his hands to be idle or his soul to rest until he had broken the shackles which bound us to the empire. Now is the time to not allow our hands to be idle or our souls to rest until we save humanity.
Source: Information Cleaing House http://www.informationclearinghouse.info/article10315.htm


We're Making A Difference
And The Police State Knows It
Or...Getting Off The Picket Fence

by Ted Twietmeyer

Before we get started, let's briefly define where people are at by defining the three kinds of people in America today. The picket fence is an analogy for the pain induced in a previously asleep person, when they awaken and realize the world of hurt they are really in.

* Those that still subscribe to the party line, that often do so mainly out of fear or ignorance.

* There are those who are undecided, and sit painfully on the top of a picket fence.

* Those who are awakened, fighting the good fight and are aware of the serious situation America is in.

To move from the top category to the bottom category often requires a short stop atop the picket fence. Millions of people are in transition toward the latter category. The intentional criminal actions of handling Katrina are a great wakeup call that even deaf people can hear, and blind people can see. Any American that can't see what's happened there is numb from the neck up. I will not dwell upon this, as other writers have eloquently described what happened.

It wasn't a question of FEMA competency, but reaches far beyond that to using disasters for social engineering. The social engineering effort was notched up another level in the past, on that terrible day in 2001. Martial law was declared four days later when the nine month old dictator signed a "State of Emergency" executive order. He kept the martial law section secret to prevent crashing the economy. How many other presidents do we know of that have asked for, and received, every single thing they demanded without concessions? That's a clear sign of martial law and fear by Congress. The treasonous patriot acts and it's associated expansion are just one of many other signs of martial law. New Orleans is a martial law microcosm, nestled inside a bigger martial law country. The government is painfully forced to tolerate pro-American articles such as this one, since active censoring would let the proverbial cat out of the bag.

It is highly unlikely that awakened people will back-slide toward the party line, as long as they are aware of the tactics always at work upon them. There are interesting parallels of government actions today, compared to the basic principals of Christianity. Christians are constantly aware that satan is always working on them to become evil people. In the same way, the dictator and his evil droids are always looking for ways to pull people back who are slipping away from their party line. They are also working feverishly to stop the bleeding, as more of their unwilling constituents become aware daily of the plight laid out before them.


All dictators use fear as their main tool of obedience. Perhaps this is why he waves a Bible around in the Whitehouse, as an attempt to put fear of his version of God into staffers and force them to comply. If he would shut up long enough to read any one page out of that book he professes to believe in, he would realize his administration is in a lose-lose situation. Only then will he stop polishing the silver on his new version of the Titanic. Or perhaps he's just an anti-Christ paying us a visit and trying to gain control.

In either case, the efforts of true American patriots are making a difference. The brown shirts (disguised wearing business suits) are greatly concerned about our efforts, too. Like a steer running out on the open prairie, there is nowhere for them to hide from public scrutiny. Fear has been their only tool, and that tool is now worn out. As one analyst put it, "you can't keep adrenaline flowing in Americans day after day, year after year. It just won't work after a short time." For four years the dictator and his droids have reminded everyone daily about the elevated alert level. Controlled news networks keep reminding you with crawlers across the bottom of your television screen showing the alert level.

"We're going to be attacked" has been their mantra. As predicted several years ago by myself and others, this is all nothing more than a smoke screen to keep everyone's adrenaline pumping. The expression is indeed true that time proves all things. The true reality is, there is NO WAY to prevent an attack no matter what anyone does, or whatever police state measures are in place. Consider London, which has more than 2 million cameras (British government statement.) Yet three bombs go off at the same time? Proof positive cameras do NOT work. It proves that cameras serve only to spy on citizens, and have nothing whatsoever to do with terrorism.


Many fall for the party line that "terrorists" (fake terrorists) will detonate nuclear devices on American soil in several major cities. If so-called real terrorists exist, it would have happened long ago. Under the sanitizing light of day and under close scrutiny, we can see several reasons they won't do it:

1. Radioactivity will make any city completely useless for thousands of years, and make cleanup virtually impossible. It will also spread around the globe. What's directly east of NY city? Europe of course - the world seat of globalism. Think they want radioactive rain?

2. Destroying buildings social engineers can use for their own plans is counter-productive. Rebuilding a destroyed city costing hundreds of billions of dollars amid terrible social and economic depression from such an attack would be impossible.

3. A nuclear attack would seriously hamper their "back to nature" philosophy and other "protect the earth policies" (such as UN Agenda 21) causing permanent harm.

4. Globalists are money-driven people. Such an event is incredibly expensive in many different ways, since THEY would ultimately have to pay to clean it up and contain it - out of THEIR pocket. If you have ever dealt with the ultra-rich as I have, rest assured that EVERYTHING they do is money-oriented. That philosophy flows through their bloodstream, and the world's richest are exactly who the globalists are. EVERYTHING they come in contact with or consider doing is always analyzed as a profit or loss. Yet another reason why martial law was kept secret was because these people are heavily invested in the stock market and they stand to lose everything when a major crash occurs.

5. If high-tech neutron devices are used, their plans for controlling America will be exposed and the entire world will know that the globalists did it themselves, using more fake terrorism. There will still be massive damage to buildings, and perhaps a million bodies to collect and dispose of along with cholera and other disease issues. Again, this entire cleanup costs money and the globalists don't want to pay for it.

6. We can be assured that all of these factors and many more were evaluated before they decided to stage September 2001. The globalists didn't have to pay to clean that one up, or the anthrax letters whose DNA traced back to the US Army at Ft. Dietrich, MD. (No explanation of how that material left a top high level biowarfare facility was ever given, and the attention-deficit public never cared either.) And the billions the dictator promised to the families and businesses to help them rebuild? It never came through. Compared to a real nuclear event, 2001 was a minor act of genocide.

A nuclear detonation would cause a boil-over in the military, and they would revolt against the administration. Like the plane and anthrax attacks, those on the inside such as Edmonds will start to talk. It's not possible to shut everyone up. Statistically no matter what city they decide to use thousands of people in the military will lose family, friends and loved ones. Instead of just going AWOL as soldiers do today, a large percentage of these thousands of angry soldiers will attack Washington, using the government's own weapons against them.

History has shown that any government can only push their people only so far. I'm not suggesting this should happen, but one well aimed missile fired by an angry soldier could be the end of the dictatorship. But there will be more than just one angry soldier. It will only take one such soldier to begin a military coup. Most likely they would hit Crawford Texas, Kennebunkport Maine, at 1600 PA. Ave. and all the other places the self-appointed dictator hangs out at the same time. And if any of them are caught, there won't be a jury that would find them guilty.

A new race car driver recently told me that he did not do well in his last race. When I asked him why, he explained that his street-driving sense kept kicking in, causing him to slow down on turns. He explained that In racing, you have to allow tire slip on corners to perform about 10% of the steering. Essentially, its like "riding the edge" of losing control. Governments "ride the edge" all the time, pushing their people just as far as they can. Now our government has pushed too far in too many ways.

Americans must never forget that our great country was founded by men who lived under the iron boot of brainwashing English tyranny. The English have a clear history of enjoying being peons and slaves. Today if you live there and earn more than 50,000 a year they actually tax you at 110%. That's not a typo - it really is 110%. This philosophy was expanded with the "European Union." Now "European" truly means "you're a peon" - just ask anyone from Europe about the terrible inflation store prices have there. America's founding fathers demanded true freedom and they made it happen. These great men were keenly aware that tyranny could take root in our land, and they warned future generations of that possibility in many documents. And we were warned by America's founding fathers that "no good thing would come of meddling in the affairs of other countries." And that has been proven true.

The entire structure of government in America was designed 230 years ago with built-in checks and balances, all designed to prevent consolidation of power in any one branch. Structure of American government was defined by honorable men. That structure both requires, and depends upon, honorable leaders to sustain and nurture it. Jefferson was one of many who knew what America's future could be, simply from seeing the British tyranny of his time he had lived under. He stated that "every 20 years or so, the tree of freedom would need to be watered with the blood of patriots." Here in 2005, it looks like we're long overdue. Watering fake trees of freedom in foreign lands with American blood, was definitely NOT what Jefferson had in mind.

It is interesting that Hogan's Heroes, one of the biggest hit shows of all time that ran for many years in the 1960s has disappeared from the airwaves. That television show about a prison camp, has striking parallels to life in America today. Could it be that our dictator does not want us to even think about prison camps being activated? American life today is now the same genre, just on a much larger scale. Today invisible barbed wire stretches from sea to shining sea. Every American has a pair of wire cutters in their pocket, yet few realize it. They just need to pull them out and put them to use, removing whatever obstacles are in their way.

On a slightly different note, you can be sure that when New Orleans is rebuilt the first wiring to be installed along with new power lines will be thousands of camera and microphone cables. Why? Federal money is rebuilding the city, and they can,t miss the chance to show their police state mindset. The city will eventually resemble London, UK, which authorities bragged has more than 2 MILLION cameras - not just one but several on every street corner. Visitors to London have confirmed this is true. Globalist police state mentality will be dominant throughout the new city. And one can be certain the authorities will be bragging how low their crime rate is, in years to come.

But what happens to a camera signal when a pin is shoved into a coax cable shorting it out and clipped off by some freedom loving patriot that is later buried in concrete, or pulled through a conduit? Heaven forbid such a thing would happen. Perhaps the New Orleans gun ban will be permanent, as a way to protect the cameras. But will they also ban paint guns, too? If so, you know cameras are in the rebuilding plans. It will also be like London in the subways, where all the pertinent cameras "malfunctioned" during a government sponsored attack.

The plan for installing cameras in every city is already underway and they are being installed. Printing presses are churning out money around the clock to pay for these and many other measures, in a last ditch effort to get a police state in place before an economic crash worse than 1929 finally takes place. Everyone is told the cameras are there for "fighting terrorism" and most people willingly believe it. Logic and history clearly have illustrated that any camera can only record the past, not the future. And that's if it isn't "malfunctioning." Considering how the administration has in years past directly stated or implied that the average American can be considered an enemy combatant at any time - it's quite clear they already think that all Americans are the enemy.

What the government droids do not realize is that THEY are also a part of that "enemy combatant" group too. Tyranny they help to create daily becomes a part of THEIR LIFE as well. And, also a part of their family and friend's lives. Government droid actions to help the police state move forward are like that of a mad doctor. The doctor makes an incision on an unwilling patient, and simultaneously makes the same incision on himself and all his family members standing around him. Yet assures himself nothing is wrong with this.

Anyone working in the government participating in actions to destroy freedom, should realize they are in a lose-lose situation just like that of the self-appointed dictator.

Construction of police state infrastructure shows that the government now fears the people because of all the things they have done to America. Even more terrible things are planned such as chip implants. When you are swimming and see someone drowning, do you let them drown or try to rescue them? Clearly government philosophy today is to let them drown, as they literally did in New Orleans.


If you have a business that has a security camera which takes in a government building, add a SECOND VCR to record the camera to a backup tape in a hidden location. Don't put the signal splitter on the back of the VCR they will remove the tape from. They may inspect the back of the machine for a second video cable when removing the tape from it. Put the splitter in a hidden location such as up above in the ceiling or down in the basement, so only ONE cable is attached to the back of the VCR the feds will touch. Not even where employees should know about the backup machine. They may be intimidated by federal badges and talk about it. When the next attack comes and the feds show up to take your tape? Give them just ONE of them, and give the other COPY of the backup tape to everyone in the press.

Do NOT use a wireless connection to the backup VCR, as this is easily detected with equipment the government has.

The backup machine should be setup to record automatically, and upon reaching the end of the tape rewind and start over again automatically. It will function like a flight recorder, keeping only the previous several hours of video leading up to the next attack. After the next attack, just remove the tape and put it away for safe keeping.

If backup VCRs were in place before September 200 in gas stations and hotels, the confiscated tapes the government will never release would no longer be a mystery - and the dictator would be history.

There is nothing whatsoever to lose by fighting back, and every freedom and liberty to gain. Those that don't speak out, sit on the fence indefinitely or whine and shrink away from their MANDATORY REQUIREMENT as citizens to educate others and stop the loss of freedom, are no longer Americans and should pack up and leave. They don't deserve to be here. Period.

It is NEVER too late for anyone to stand up for freedom and scream NO WAY! The line in the sand has been drawn.

Ted Twietmeyer
From: rense.com


A Woman in Tucson is Screaming, Crying, and Very Pissed Off!

By Saretta Wool

April 18, 2004

In my 56 years on this beautiful planet; our home and mother, I have never seen the ravages of male recklessness, violence, oppression, and war so predominant and frightening as now. Gentlemen, and I use the term loosely, you have gone too far! You are destroying our food, water, and safety on the planet! Enough!

George Bush and his mafia of thugs and criminals are the first to be indicted. (And let’s throw in the Bush Women). I’ve had it with all of them! They are like festering boils on the ass of our nation. They are bad children turned into disturbed adults. They are dangerous and are endangering everyone on the planet. I don’t want to hear anymore whining and sniveling about God, Jesus, Allah, or whatever big boss they say they are serving. They are serving themselves at our expense. When one seeks to dominate others the result is oppression and it is clear by the uprising and revolt world-wide that domination by any means is not going to work anymore. Thus the bloodbath in Iraq. The Bushies can take all their religious dogma and fanaticism and throw it on the pyre with the corpses they create.

Since 1947, the US has invaded, bombed, intervened with military, or declared sanctions against at least 45 countries: France, Italy, Philippines, Peru, Vietnam, Nicaragua, Greece, Egypt, Lebanon, Japan, Cuba, Dominican Republic, East Timor, Zaire, and Haiti, to name a few. Since 1948 the US has slaughtered over 8,913,744 (eight million nine hundred thirteen thousand seven hundred forty-four) civilians on this planet, with no remorse. This does not include up to 11,000 Iraqi civilians killed in the past year. Along the trail of US invasion, during the last ten years, is depleted uranium which no one wants to talk about until they see the images of the deformed American babies and the American troops suffering with and who will likely die from radiation poisoning. Depleted uranium destroys the genetic structure (DNA) and the immune system. (Of course the soil and water, too) This answers the universal question of “Why do they hate us?” It sure as hell isn’t about freedom.

Now, in defense of the American people, before we’re attacked again. During the past twenty-five years (maybe longer) the US government has been deliberately and methodically “dumbing-down” America through a controlled media/blackouts, constant slashes to education and state infrastructures, cutting of veteran benefits, loss of jobs, and social programs. Most Americans do not know of the atrocities committed in their name, mentioned above.

Basic needs are not met for thousands of Americans. There is no health care program. The introduction of tons of corporation (not farm) produced junk food (solid and liquid) for purchase and consumption at fast food joints and gas stations has filled American bodies with sugar, preservatives, hormones, and chemicals. And yes, world, Americans are stupid. We have been stupefied by the “dumbing down” process. Some of us even believe that arrogance is a substitute for intelligence. Some believe that war is peace. A lesson from our “leaders”. And of course, the television and media, the mainstay of our existence, owned and controlled by the friends of the master fascists, add numbing to the dumbing.

We languish on our sofas, satisfied, pacified by state sponsored TV, swallowing lies, becoming obese and complacent. Thus we do not have to think. A fine set up for the overall perpetration of massive mind control, manipulation, and use of propaganda and misinformation by the US government. And, oh yes, we have become a police state on top of that, thanks to AshCroft. So just in case any one of us gets out of hand, speaks to our neighbor, or just plain wants to rant about old dickhead Cheney, the cops will jump right on us, press pepper spray in our eyes, and haul us off somewhere to be detained indefinitely or maybe beat us to death with a black hood on our heads and our hands bound behind our backs.

When the world wonders why Americans aren’t standing up for their rights, furious, outraged, and forcing the fascists out, part of the answer is that many are unable to take action because they have become the walking dead, led to that condition by government induced fear over may years. Sheep to the slaughter.

There are also millions of us in the US who are fighting these bastards, in the ways that we are able. We are writing, reading, meeting, talking, protesting, and making international connections. Some of us are armed and are preparing for local rebellion. We could try some basic self-defense techniques on them such as the eye gouge, or kicking them in the balls. We could catch them with their pants down. Some of us may even vote. But as others around the planet in tribunals and social forum come together; perhaps they’ll have different solutions. I hope so because we need support here. I still cling to my life-long commitment to the non-violent resolution of conflict.

Mandela was right about Bush though: Bush (and his mean and nasty gang) is the greatest threat to world peace on the planet. Bush’s claims to fame are lying, cheating, stealing, murder, wanton destruction of the planet, and treason. There may be more.

We are dealing with psychopaths. They must be restrained. They must be indicted, confined, expatriated, and incarcerated. They have betrayed the trust of the people of this country and the global community.


Saretta Wool is an artist, activist & member of Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom, Tucson, AZ – Email: desertspiritwool@earthlink.net