A Woman in Tucson is Screaming, Crying, and Very Pissed Off!

By Saretta Wool

April 18, 2004

In my 56 years on this beautiful planet; our home and mother, I have never seen the ravages of male recklessness, violence, oppression, and war so predominant and frightening as now. Gentlemen, and I use the term loosely, you have gone too far! You are destroying our food, water, and safety on the planet! Enough!

George Bush and his mafia of thugs and criminals are the first to be indicted. (And let’s throw in the Bush Women). I’ve had it with all of them! They are like festering boils on the ass of our nation. They are bad children turned into disturbed adults. They are dangerous and are endangering everyone on the planet. I don’t want to hear anymore whining and sniveling about God, Jesus, Allah, or whatever big boss they say they are serving. They are serving themselves at our expense. When one seeks to dominate others the result is oppression and it is clear by the uprising and revolt world-wide that domination by any means is not going to work anymore. Thus the bloodbath in Iraq. The Bushies can take all their religious dogma and fanaticism and throw it on the pyre with the corpses they create.

Since 1947, the US has invaded, bombed, intervened with military, or declared sanctions against at least 45 countries: France, Italy, Philippines, Peru, Vietnam, Nicaragua, Greece, Egypt, Lebanon, Japan, Cuba, Dominican Republic, East Timor, Zaire, and Haiti, to name a few. Since 1948 the US has slaughtered over 8,913,744 (eight million nine hundred thirteen thousand seven hundred forty-four) civilians on this planet, with no remorse. This does not include up to 11,000 Iraqi civilians killed in the past year. Along the trail of US invasion, during the last ten years, is depleted uranium which no one wants to talk about until they see the images of the deformed American babies and the American troops suffering with and who will likely die from radiation poisoning. Depleted uranium destroys the genetic structure (DNA) and the immune system. (Of course the soil and water, too) This answers the universal question of “Why do they hate us?” It sure as hell isn’t about freedom.

Now, in defense of the American people, before we’re attacked again. During the past twenty-five years (maybe longer) the US government has been deliberately and methodically “dumbing-down” America through a controlled media/blackouts, constant slashes to education and state infrastructures, cutting of veteran benefits, loss of jobs, and social programs. Most Americans do not know of the atrocities committed in their name, mentioned above.

Basic needs are not met for thousands of Americans. There is no health care program. The introduction of tons of corporation (not farm) produced junk food (solid and liquid) for purchase and consumption at fast food joints and gas stations has filled American bodies with sugar, preservatives, hormones, and chemicals. And yes, world, Americans are stupid. We have been stupefied by the “dumbing down” process. Some of us even believe that arrogance is a substitute for intelligence. Some believe that war is peace. A lesson from our “leaders”. And of course, the television and media, the mainstay of our existence, owned and controlled by the friends of the master fascists, add numbing to the dumbing.

We languish on our sofas, satisfied, pacified by state sponsored TV, swallowing lies, becoming obese and complacent. Thus we do not have to think. A fine set up for the overall perpetration of massive mind control, manipulation, and use of propaganda and misinformation by the US government. And, oh yes, we have become a police state on top of that, thanks to AshCroft. So just in case any one of us gets out of hand, speaks to our neighbor, or just plain wants to rant about old dickhead Cheney, the cops will jump right on us, press pepper spray in our eyes, and haul us off somewhere to be detained indefinitely or maybe beat us to death with a black hood on our heads and our hands bound behind our backs.

When the world wonders why Americans aren’t standing up for their rights, furious, outraged, and forcing the fascists out, part of the answer is that many are unable to take action because they have become the walking dead, led to that condition by government induced fear over may years. Sheep to the slaughter.

There are also millions of us in the US who are fighting these bastards, in the ways that we are able. We are writing, reading, meeting, talking, protesting, and making international connections. Some of us are armed and are preparing for local rebellion. We could try some basic self-defense techniques on them such as the eye gouge, or kicking them in the balls. We could catch them with their pants down. Some of us may even vote. But as others around the planet in tribunals and social forum come together; perhaps they’ll have different solutions. I hope so because we need support here. I still cling to my life-long commitment to the non-violent resolution of conflict.

Mandela was right about Bush though: Bush (and his mean and nasty gang) is the greatest threat to world peace on the planet. Bush’s claims to fame are lying, cheating, stealing, murder, wanton destruction of the planet, and treason. There may be more.

We are dealing with psychopaths. They must be restrained. They must be indicted, confined, expatriated, and incarcerated. They have betrayed the trust of the people of this country and the global community.


Saretta Wool is an artist, activist & member of Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom, Tucson, AZ – Email: desertspiritwool@earthlink.net