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The Constitution of the U.S.A. - Void Where Prohibited By Law

"Unless we put medical freedom into the Constitution, the time will come
when medicine will organize into an undercover dictatorship to restrict
the art of healing to one class of men and deny equal privileges to others:
The Constitution of this Republic should make a special privilege for
medical freedom as well as religious freedom."
-- Dr. Benjamin Rush, signer of the Declaration of Independence

"If people let government decide what foods they eat and what medicines
they take, their bodies will soon be in as sorry a state as are the souls of
those who live under tyranny."

-- Thomas Jefferson

My feeling is this is not freedom; after reading about Terahertz rays and the
project! Then after reading an email from NORML about marijuana smokers
being arrested every 45 seconds in the U.S.; the realization that prohibition
is the order of the day! The many people are a spectrum of diversity and
represent every part of the U.S. The "War On Some Drugs" is not and will not
end the situation it is involved in, rather it creates the problems. For every
person they arrest, there will be countless times that this vacancy is filled
immediately! A losing proposition or a very cruel means to create a prison
based competitive "sweat shop" industry.

The facts and statistics this report cites are reason enough for the populace
to notice that this is their own children and families being abused by an errant
system. The "scourge" of the "devil weed" supports the "big lie"! While humanity
is made to suffer for their natural alignment to the Great Mother.

What a disastrous limitation of our sovereignty. Humanity is a working part of
this Whole Earth. We historically have always used herbs, foods and what the
Mother Earth has Gifted Us with. As we populate this lovely planet, we carry
with each of us a way as individuals that is good, healthy and aligned with this
ancient one - Mother Earth.

We can not even breathe without the plants feeding us air. We could not survive
without the foods of plants for they feed all. Plants do heal us, yet we cut down
trees that give us clouds, habitats for all life forms and the trees are one of the
ways of naturally trapping moisture under its canopies that yield water in most
areas for us to quench our thirst. The Great Mystery has taken care of mankind
since our beginning.

The government is man's creation and in this country our government is basically
out of touch with the realities it creates. The Gift of Sovereignty is not thought of
much in the eyes of many because there is a difference between the idea of Citizen
and the government. Our government is simply put not ours at this time. We do
not inhabit it, yet it inhabits us! This is not what i was raised to understand.

Until we change this inhumane policy of offering control of our bodies, minds and
souls to a falsehood and bring about Immediate Change; then we will be herded
up as my ancestors were and now this time it is all of you.

The pre-emptive strike for a second time in ten years on Iraq by the guys who
sip their blood and oil cocktails and have never gone to war, whose use of depleted
uranium on humans, the wholesale slaughter of those that stand in the way is no
different than what has been perpetrated upon People of Color, Woman and Children,
the Poor, the sick and suffering is no different.

We hear words echoed countless times repetitively through all forms of media but we
know what we know inside. These policies exist because We as People are not united
against tyranny, fear, do not enact the moral fibers that Creator Gifted Us with. Just
very recently in Bolivia, the People stopped the dominators and made demands the
change that is necessary. Our patience can turn to Actions of Commitment and
demand Our Rights. Everyone is a Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr., a Gandhi, a Great
Soul waiting to blossom, when we act and do rather than walk with our heads down
focused on only our needs versus Our Needs. This has been allowed way too much,
way to long.

The Terahertz Ray Project (analysis of mail in 15 seconds) and the recent report from
NORML i received earlier today is chilling (someone in the U.S. is arrested every 45
seconds); it defaces our Liberty and is exasperating but, my Own Dedication went
up and much more!

Our sick and suffering is obviously under attack by our own government that is run
by a "compassionate conservative christian" and they do not act as my government
should. They are not Compassionate and no where near the Christ consciousness i
know, rather quite the opposite in the case.

So, all i can do is Pray and Do what i can do to Help. Keeping this in focus, we can
draw strength from those that have gone ahead to the Spirit World. We All have
witnessed even most recently of the pain filled folks, who have Offered up their
suffering to force us All to the Way of the Great Change. Just as the Original
Peoples of Turtle Island the Native Americans, All People of Color and All those of
Consciousness with Heart to resist this abuse, set the Course of Freedom through
their Will. Since this has been going on in the Lives of People of Color, Woman,
the Poor daily for so long; now it has crossed over to All in this Country.

How unfortunate that a plant is used as a means, along with this so called War on
Terror and War on Poverty and War on the evil-doers and the War on the Gift of
this precious Sacrament.

If we follow the Creation story as in the Bible; then these must be the guys who
awaited till the day of the Creator's rest to go over the inventory of the Creation
and then label the Creator's mistakes, such as Marijuana! We have always been
under siege by these shadow overlords of deceit and deception.

This Herb allows Us to enjoy Life's Constant (Change) and to Sing the Songs of the One!
Thank You Creator for this Wonderful Healing Gift!
Thanks for allowing me to rant and rave!

Your Own Self

Quotes on prohibition:
"Prohibition was introduced as a fraud; it has been nursed as a fraud. It is wrapped
in the livery of Heaven, but it comes to serve the devil. It comes to regulate by law
our appetites and our daily lives. It comes to tear down liberty and build up fanaticism,
hypocrisy, and intolerance. It comes to confiscate by legislative decree the property
of many of our fellow citizens. It comes to send spies,detectives, and informers into
our homes; to have us arrested and carried before courts and condemned to fines and
imprisonments. It comes to dissipate the sunlight of happiness, peace, and prosperity
in which we are now living and to fill our land with alienations, estrangements, and
bitterness. It comes to bring us evil-- only evil-- and that continually. Let us rise in
our might as one and overwhelm it with such indignation that we shall never hear of
it again as long as grass grows and water runs."
-- Roger Q. Mills of Texas, from 1887
(quoted more than once during the December, 1914 debate in Congress)

"In 1914, the federal government changed the social and medical problems of drugs
into a massive crime problem by establishing criminal prohibition of certain drugs.
Eighty-eight years later, the government's continuing claims of progress in controlling
drugs cannot be validated. The magnitude of this massive interference with liberty
cannot be justified by the mere claim that the drug problem would be worse if the
government had not attempted prohibition."
-- Joseph D. McNamara from an op-ed titled
"Costly, Counterproductive, Crazy"
-- Orange County Register.

"There are 100,000 total marijuana smokers in the US, and most are Negroes, Hispanics,
Filipinos and entertainers. Their Satanic music, jazz and swing, result from marijuana usage.
This marijuana causes white women to seek sexual relations with Negroes, entertainers and any others."
-- Harry Anslinger. Commissioner of Narcotics, testifying to Congress on why
marijuana should be made illegal, in 1937.

Marijuana Tax Act, signed Aug. 2, 1937 effective Oct. 1, 1937



Our government at this time is headed by George W. Bush, whose selection by
the Supreme Court rather than by an election finally has finally become unmask-
ed by the voting public. This horrid excuse for leadership is slipping in the polls
and in the public eye.

This newer version of "King George" is not unlike the Wizard of Oz character,
that was caught hiding behind the curtains by Dorthy's dog, Toto!
His stance as a so called "Compassionate Conservative" is not much of a reality
in anyway that anyone can easily see! Aside from his using the book -
"Dummy's Guide to Germany in the 1930s" and always claiming guidance from
Jesus the Christ; this man is only revealing how shallow he actually is but in all
reality is only creating constant havoc and harm!

The quality of leadership he has projected to us all is more akin to a dry drunk,
stoned on himself, a jive Bible toting fool, which I had met up with in my college
days. We termed his type then as "frat rats". He even does a great amount of
disservice to those gentlemen, now that I reflect on it.

One of the prime manifestations of his limited approach to his constituents
is this "WAR ON SOME DRUGS"! George W. Bush has not very been Christian
in his treatment of the chronically ill, their caregivers and families, physicians,
law enforcement officers, district attorneys, the judges and jailers to keep
this government created Control of Peoples lives. Cruel and unrealistic medical
controls on the actual needs of patients and physicians is not very much
different than the treatment of the dissenters, Jewish peoples or liberals
in the "Rise of the Third Reich"!

Just think about what type of government this is that would not allow the
accused person from mounting a defense. Ed Rosenthal a PhD. was not given
the right to defend himself, note that he is appointed a deputy of the city of
Oakland, that he was assisting the sick with medical marijuana plants due to
his well known expertise in botanical studies (he is a noted author as well),
and most shocking was his own attorneys were not allowed to present any
relevant facts of the case on his behalf. Even the jurors were stunned by the
tactics and limitations the judge placed on this case! Soon after the verdict
was pronounced, this jury held a press conference in which they apologized
for rendering a decision without knowing the full facts and truth! It is a gross
injustice and very unfortunate that there are numerous others who are in
jail and up for trial because of the unjust system of control on the defendants,
trial attorneys, courts and prospective witness for the accused! With this
form of prosecution; it is very revealing that the chronic ill, their families,
their caregivers, their doctors and even their defense attorneys are muzzled
in the federal courts from exercising "Constitutional Rights"!

This is primarily a human rights problem now and is also a direct violation of
ability to say that we live in a "Free Country". If you are ill, this form of justice
is "just-us" or "just-ice"!

The world of plants predates the onset of human beings on earth. If we
take a good look at the words of Genesis 1:29 and what this administration
is doing (oh yes, the "Compassionate Christian"); we can only hold our rage
against this contrived policy that promotes so much cruelty, injustice and a
definitely contemptible corrupted form of Compassion.
The original vote for Proposition 215 (titled The Compassionate Use Act) on
November 5th 1996 in the state of California that was Passed by a majority
of those that voted! Based on the Constitution of California; it became law
from that moment of the final tally count on. Mr. Bush has had his Justice
Department, specifically the DEA, attack the sick (patients), the caregivers
who assist and grow for the patients, our physicians and the ability to apply
this state law to aid in treatment. So, I will not harp on this aspect too much,

This article below is right on target. One simple question to consider is
"Who is not subject to illness or does not get sick"?

Another is "By what right am I or anyone Free to utilize the Gifts of the Sacred"?

Something like "We hold these Truths to be self evident" from "our" own U.S.
Constitution has been lost by the mind and actions of George W. Bush.

Soon a major portion of the "baby boomers" will be entering old age and know
full well that their own past experiences with this Sacred Herb does not hold
any alignment to the methodology of pharmaceutical institutional control over
basic Truth.

Cannabis is older than mankind, all human beings are born with THC receptors
throughout their bodies, the use of Cannabis is ancient and quite effective, it
is an extremely plant that has proven to be useful in a large variety of treatments.
Researchers from all over the planet have confirmed that this is a safe and effective
herb and are rushing to produce more medicines centered around their
potential uses. We do have the Freedom of Choice to use that which we chose to
alleviate our plight and help us heal.

This "War On Some Drugs" is way off the mark and will lead us the way of past
Prohibitions! The time is NOW to STOP this MADNESS.

If George W. (for Wasted) Bush (as in the Burning Bush) is projecting that he is
a "Compassionate Christian", then one would assume that Jesus the Christ would
have treated people in this manner!

Please take a moment and review the words of this Op-Ed with your Heart...



Bush's painful obsession with medical pot

by Kate Scannell

Oct 26, 2003

I have known too many patients who have lived miserably or died
painfully to have patience with the Bush administration's intrusive
attempts to bar them from discussing medical marijuana with their

I've seen one too many old men spend their final hours nauseated and
vomiting while their distressed and helpless families watched. One
too many women with cancer who linger, bone-thin and languid, as
their loved ones beg for "something" to make them feel better.

And I, like so many doctors, have witnessed the therapeutic relief
that many such patients experience after using marijuana. Their
illnesses become less miserable, their difficult deaths are made more

And those reasons explain precisely why the federal government's
relentless attempts to bar patients from access to medical marijuana
constitute both cruel and unusual crimes against us all. They are
wrong-headed and politically driven obsessions, not compassionate
advisements intended to relieve human suffering.

As a patient, when I'm feeling ill, I don't want John Ashcroft's
opinion about the best medical treatment for my condition. When
someone I love visits a medical clinic because she is sick to death,
I hope that she will be met by a doctor who will give her truthful
advice born of experience and a focused dedication to her well being.
I pray that she is not met by a federal agent with no clinical skills
whose primary allegiance is to a political agenda.

As a doctor, I am stunned by the intensity of the Bush
administration's obsession with medical marijuana. It boggles my mind
to think that our government officials are spending so much time and
money to obstruct the use of a medication that might actually help
cancer patients tolerate their chemotherapy, AIDS patients gain a
little weight, glaucoma patients suffer less.

We have yet to see any data from the Feds that explains why medicinal
marijuana should be excluded from pharmacy shelves that already
contain morphine and codeine -- as well as a host of other drugs for
conditions like heart disease or seizures that have longer potential
side effect profiles.

I wish the administration would channel some of that energy towards,
say, improving pain control in our debilitated nursing home patients.
Or facilitating clinical research trials with medical marijuana so
that credible science could replace emotional rhetoric about the
drug's efficacy.

IT was heartening that on Oct. 14, the U.S. Supreme Court decided not
to entertain the Bush administration's latest attempt to silence
discussions about medical marijuana between doctors and patients.
Specifically, the high court declined to re-examine last year's
ruling by the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in San Francisco that
said doctors could speak freely with patients about the potential
benefits of medical marijuana.

But had the Bush administration gotten its way this time, the federal
government would have acquired the authority to punish a doctor who
simply advised patients that medical marijuana might relieve their
pain and suffering. The Bush administration would have gained the
right to slap a federal offense on that doctor, revoke her ability to
write prescriptions, and subject her to criminal prosecution. And in
the meantime, while that doctor's prosecution might have given cause
for some deluded Washington administrators to raise their glasses in
a rabid toast to the war on drugs, a doctor who had tried to serve
her ailing patients with honesty and compassion is sidelined, and her
patients are stranded.

We do have a drug problem in this country, but if it's to be solved,
reason and clear vision must guide us. The Feds' relentless attacks
on physicians who discuss medical marijuana as a potential means of
alleviating their patients' suffering smacks of cheap theatrics in a
desperate effort to stage some semblance of a victory in the real war
on drugs.

Kate Scannell is an East Bay physician and writer.