GOP Hypocrite of the Week:
Condoleezza Rice

26 March 2004

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Well, it took us 24 BuzzFlash GOP Hypocrites of the Week to find a woman who truly merits the honor that has, until now, been the exclusive province of white Republican males.

But, congratulations to our so-called National Security Advisor, Condoleezza Rice. Condi, you are the first GOP female to the break through the glass ceiling of Republican Hypocrites of the Week.

We call her the so-called National Security Advisor, because Rice doesn't, often by her own admission, appear to know what the hell she's doing. After the infamous Niger uranium fiasco, when Bush made a false claim in his State of the Union address, Rice told reporters that she hadn't read the CIA report indicating that the Niger/Saddam link was probably bogus. To add insult to injury, she and the White House had been warned of how suspect the claim was a few months before, but Rice had an excuse for that too: she just had too many details to keep track of.

So Rice, although our first woman, is really just one of the Bush Cartel guys. She shares with the rest of them the amazing ability to use incompetence as an excuse for failure and get away with it.

Of course, as Laura Flanders points out in her new book, "Bushwomen," trotting out Condi to defend the bumbling and negligence of the Bush Cartel isn't accidental. The white males running the Bush operation -- principally Cheney and Rove -- know that the press is going to go easier on a black woman than on Rumsfeld, for instance. It's part of their "feminine front" strategy that Flanders details.

But the reality is that Rice is just as big of an extremist bungler as her male comrades.

After Richard Clarke exposed the White House for failing to take the threats of terrorism seriously prior to 9/11, Rice was sent out to attack his character, not the substance of his charges.

As BuzzFlash has recounted, ad nauseum, Rice in 2002 made the admission that Bush and she, among others, had been warned in August of 2001 that there was the heightened possibility of Al-Qaeda hijackings. But she claimed that no one thought they would fly the planes into buildings. So, she and Bush did nothing, absolutely nothing to make our nation more secure.

Of course, the way, as we have repeatedly noted, to prevent a hijacking that results in a plane being flown into buildings is the same way that you prevent your "run of the mill" hijacking, but that was apparently too complicated a notion for Rice to figure out.

Secondly, she was lying or just plain incompetent, as BuzzFlash has proven, when she claimed that no one knew of plans to hijack planes and fly them into buildings. Just about anyone who follows the terrorism issue in the media knew about such past plans, except -- Rice would have us believe -- the White House National Security Agency and the President of the United States!

We could go on and on about Rice's failings. She's only there because she loyally defends all the failures of the Bush Cartel. Incompetence doesn't get you fired in the White House. Nor does dishonesty get you fired in the White House.

The only thing that gets a person fired in the Bush Administration is telling the truth.
If that's the case, Rice's job seems secure and, as a result, our nation isn't.
Until next week, just remember our motto at BuzzFlash.com: So many Republican hypocrites, so little time.

Catch up with you soon.

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